Category: html+css

Dec 04 2018

Tech1 Search/ filter list of UI LI data using simple Jquery with filter() method. I want to share you a simple list filter using Jquery and UI LI list items. In this post I used "filter" method jquery.

Mar 18 2017

Tech1 1. New Doctype: The simpler doctype declaration is just one of the many novelties in HTML5. Now you need to write only: and this is it. The syntax of HTML5 is compatible with HTML4 and XHTML1, but not with SGML(Standard Generalized Markup Language). 2. Geolocation: Best known for use on mobile devices, geolocation is coming with HTML5.

Apr 19 2015

Tech1 Jquery mobile is built with Jquery library. It uses HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX. It is a touch optimized web framework for creating mobile web applications that works on all latest smart phones and tablets. It only uses HTML, CSS, Javascript

Apr 04 2015

Tech1 I made a quick little example to read a YouTube user’s video feed that really easy to use. To request a feed of all videos uploaded by another user, send a GET request to the following URL. This request does not require authentication. In the URL above, you should replace the text userId with the user's YouTube user ID.

Nov 10 2014

Tech1 The Bootstrap 3 grid comes in 4 sizes. Tiny (for smartphones .col-xs-), Small (for tablets .col-sm-), Medium (for laptops .col-md-) and Large (for laptops/desktops .col-lg-). The 3 grid sizes enable you to control grid behavior on different devices like desktop, laptops, tablet, smartphone, etc..,