Category: database

Feb 10 2021

Tech1 As we are using triggers in PostgreSQL to fill Created Date or Modified Date with current date time, you need to ensure that you set the correct time zone for your location. By default PostgreSQL gives UTC date time.

Dec 24 2018

Tech1 I faced a situation where I had to change a column type from Boolean to Integer. And I wanted to rename the column name. For example, we have table that has a boolean column "bDeleted". I have to remane "dDeleted" to "iDeleted" and all boolean values need to convert into 0 and 1. Then you have to run below PostgreSQL queries.

Feb 17 2017

Tech1 PostgreSQL: to_char Function: The PostgreSQL to_char function converts a number or date to a string.

Sep 16 2016

Tech1 I just installed PostgreSQL in my local machine, since I am using XAMP. It is easy to integrate into XAMPP. This article helps you to install and integrate PostgreSQL in XAMPP.